Our Founders

Nigel Guisinger


Nigel Guisinger is passionate about small businesses. Having purchased, started and saved businesses in multiple industries, Guisinger believes that the best way for real long term wealth growth comes from creating businesses and jobs that support the local economy. Guisinger paid for his degrees from Oregon State University by working construction for a local excavation company. This lead to a career in the equipment rental industry where he worked with thousands of businesses to solve their project needs. This included saving a his largest customer by purchasing a share of the company when they were struck by the downturn of 2008-2009. The investment in the glass company saved over 100 jobs.

In 2013 after seeing his town affected by the down turn Guisinger heard countless people say “somebody needs to do something” one too many times. With that Guisinger purchased a small appliance store and grew it from 350k annual sales to over $9m annual volume in a four year period. At the same time he started a home building company, a property holding company, a development company and has now acquired 6 more appliance stores. Guisinger has also done multiple apartment rehab projects out of state. Guisinger has purchased via SBA loans, conventional financing, creative financing, private lending, owner carried finance and buying a business via an equipment loan.

Nigel is married to Genie Guisinger a successful real estate agent who practices in Oregon and Missouri. The two have four children.

“I believe that small street can beat Wall Street. We are quicker, more nimble and more creative. We are vested in our communities. We are your neighbors and we are the the reason every town doesn’t look the same. We are the small business community and together we will thrive.” - Nigel Guisinger

Chad Corbett


Hi, thanks for being here! I have started and owned several businesses, starting at age 7, and I don't see an end to that in sight. As I progress through life, and help others start and grow their businesses, I feel that my duty, and the highest and best use of my skillset, is right here.

I grew up in a farming & logging family in rural WV where I found opportunity by providing value where it was absent. Even in a community with only a couple of dozen families, where most believe opportunity is limited, I saw absence of services so I stepped up and filled the need. I graduated debt-free, from Fairmont State University, with Honors, and had landed a job in Federal law enforcement I thought I could never achieve. After realizing a J.O.B. wasn't for me I decided to take my skillset and sense of adventure back into the private sector where I could be a leader based on my achievement, not my tenure.

In 2005 I phased out my fencing company and started my first real estate company. I have held real estate licenses in WV, TN, HI and VA and have worked in just about every aspect of real estate, ranging from raw land in WV to luxury beachfront developments in Maui. I currently own All The Leads, a company that enables Real Estate Professionals to help families going through Probate.

As a Founder, I have built and operated multiple companies with revenue ranging from pocket change to multiple millions per year. I have worked alongside the lowest-paid and the hardest working, to the highest-paid and the least hard-working. As a Coach, Trainer, and Consultant, I have led others to build multi-million dollar enterprises within months of getting the courage to take the leap. I realize the MASSIVE importance of Small Businesses in America. They have supported me my entire life, helped me be in control of my lifestyle & time, and allowed me to add immense value to the lives of others by affording them the same opportunities.

My name and my reputation are on this page because I care about the businesses that represent nearly 50% of our GDP but have nearly NO voice in hard times. I'm here to offer my experience, my grit, my tenacity and my compassion to keep American small businesses moving forward!

“America is a unique place. Here you can have anything you want if you're willing to work hard enough at helping others get what they want." - Chad Corbett


To create a community that provides the social support of a Mastermind alongside the services of an M&A Firm and Business Brokerage.  Rather than charging a commission or acquiring the business, we participate by: preparing people and companies for acquisition/disposition, handling the acquisition/disposition, providing ongoing support & training to the leadership team, and advising to help scale the business.


We strive to be a respected member of the US Small Business community that provides a platform where Small Business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs can connect, learn, share, buy and sell Small Businesses from each other.

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